Pyenv commands reference

cd $(pyenv root) && git pull

Update pyenv’s list of available versions

pyenv versions

Lists the Python versions that pyenv currently has installed

pyenv local <version> [<version>…]

Sets a local application-specific Python version by writing the version name to a .python-version file in the current directory.

pyenv global <version> [<version>…]

Sets the global version of Python to be used in all shells by writing the version name to the ~/.pyenv/version file. This version can be overridden by an application-specific .python-version file, or by setting the PYENV_VERSION environment variable.

pyenv shell <version> [<version>…]

Sets a shell-specific Python version by setting the PYENV_VERSION environment variable in your shell. This version overrides application-specific versions and the global version.

pyenv install <version>

Install a Python version

pyenv install –list

list the all available versions of Python, including Anaconda, Jython, pypy, and stackless

pyenv uninstall

Uninstall a specific Python version.

pyenv which <command>

Displays the full path to the executable that pyenv will invoke when you run the given command. E.g. pyenv which python3.