Useful commands.

Ones I’m still looking for:

Big hint! See /etc/defaults/rc.conf for all (?) the default values of things that can be set in /etc/rc.conf.


My favorite source is Michael W. Lucas’s Absolute FreeBSD, 3rd edition. Even more so than other of Lucas’s books I’ve read, this is comprehensive, full of real-world advice, and written in a snarky sysadmin style that I really enjoy.

FreeBSD also has excellent online documentation. The Handbook is the complete users’ and administrators’ guide that you always wished Linux had. And you can read all of the man pages online.

Users and groups

Remove a user with rmuser:

rmuser username

Create, remove groups by just editing the group file with vigr.


You can control services using the service command very much like the service command on Linux. e.g.

Print a service’s status:

service named status

Commands include status, start, stop, restart, reload, rcvar, onestart, and onestop.

List enabled services:

service -e