Logitech Harmony

Harmony Hub

To change which button invokes which activity on the remote, do:

  • MENU

  • Harmony Setup

  • Add/Edit Devices




Programming it using Linux

I have the Harmony One model (no longer produced).

Some of this information comes from http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=781059, but I’m not using the GUI tool (congruity), just command line.

Help Harmony Devices for finding devices.

Install Concordance

Install the concordance tool.

I’m using v1.0 on Ubuntu 15.10 64-bit.


sudo apt-get install libusb-dev libzzip-dev
wget http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/concordance/concordance/1.0/concordance-1.0.tar.bz2
tar xjf concordance-1.0.tar.bz2
cd concordance-1.0/libconcord
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig
cd ../concordance
sudo make install

Arrange to run without needing sudo

  • Run ‘lsusb’ to see what devices are already attached to your computer.

  • Plug in your remote

  • Run ‘lsusb’, looking for the device that wasn’t there before. E.g. my Harmony One produced this:

    Bus 001 Device 021: ID 046d:c121 Logitech, Inc.
  • Unplug the remote

  • Now (using sudo as needed) create a new file, /etc/udev/rules.d/custom-concordance.rules, substituting in the values for your own remote:

    ATTRS{idVendor}=="046d", ATTRS{idProduct}=="c121", MODE="666"
  • Test

    • Plug the remote in

    • Run “concordance -i”. It should print out information about the attached remote

Programming the remote

  • Make a directory to hold firmware and config backups, e.g. ~/Documents/LogitechHarmonyOne.

  • cd ~/Documents/LogitechHarmonyOne

  • Backup firmware if you haven’t previously:

    concordance --dump-firmware <filename> (default: firmware.EZUp)
  • Backup config if you haven’t previously:

    concordance --dump-config <filename>  (default: config.EZHex)
  • Go to http://members.harmonyremote.com/EasyZapper/ and log in (ignore the message about upgrading your software). If you don’t already have an account, create one.

  • Update your remote’s configuration using the web site.

  • When ready to update your remote:

    • Click “Update your remote”. It’ll prompt to connect your remote.

    • Connect the remote to the computer via USB.

    • Click “Next” on the web page.

    • Your browser will download a file named “Connectivity.EZHex”. Save it to your LogitechHarmonyOne directory.

    • Go to your shell.

    • Run:

      concordance Connectivity.EZHex
    • Go back to your browser.

    • Click “Next”.

    • Wait… could be several minutes.

    • Eventually your browser will download a file named “Update.EZHex”. Save it to your LogitechHarmonyOne directory.

    • Go to your shell.

    • Run this command. This will take quite a while (5 minutes?), but it will print progress status as it goes:

      concordance Update.EZHex
    • When that’s done, disconnect your remote and try it out.