Service files

service file man page

Next section says where to put the file.

After adding, run:

# systemctl enable "unitname"
# systemctl start "unitname"


 Description={{ description }}

 ExecStart={{ command }}
 Restart=on-failure  (or "always", "on-success", ...)
 # Run as:
 User={{ user }}
 Group={{ groupname }}
 # SupplementaryGroups=name1 name2 name3
 WorkingDirectory={{ directory }}


Unit search paths

System Unit Search Path:


User Unit Search Path:



  • -e: skip to the end

  • -x: more verbose about errors in the log

  • -f: like tail -f, keep showing new entries

  • -t, –identifier=syslog_identifier: show messages for syslog_identifier; Can be specified multiple times

  • -g, –grep=pattern: what it sounds like