My i3 bindings

“Ŵ” is the “windows” key

Change what we see:

Ŵ-<NUMBER>: switch to workspace NUMBER on whatever monitor it's
            attached to.
Ŵ-Control-1: Only use built-in laptop display
Ŵ-Control-2: Use built-in laptop display, and external display
             positioned to its left
Ŵ-<n>:    Switch to workspace <n> (need not already exist)
          (if workspace <n> is on another screen, it'll switch
          that screen to workspace <n>, not your current screen)
Ŵ-<n> where <n> is the current workspace: Switch back to previous
          workspace (So you can just do Ŵ-1 (look at screen) Ŵ-1
          and be back where you started)


Ŵ-j, Ŵ-<left>   left
Ŵ-k, Ŵ-<down>   down
Ŵ-l, Ŵ-<up>     up
Ŵ-;, Ŵ-<right>  right

Move things:

Ŵ-Control-<ARROW>: Move current workspace to another monitor.
Ŵ-Shift-Number: Move current window to another workspace
       (need not already exist)
Shift-<FOCUS COMMAND>: Move current window within workspace


Ŵ-e             default (splith/splitv), repeat to toggle
Ŵ-s             stacked
Ŵ-w             tabbed
Ŵ-f             fullscreen (toggle)
Ŵ-S-<spc>       float  (toggle)
Ŵ-mouse1-drag   move floating

Ŵ-h             Make the current window/container a horizontal
                split container. New windows opened when this
                container is focused will be created
                by splitting this container horizontally
Ŵ-v             Like Ŵ-h, but vertical (one above another)

Ŵ-e             toggle between defaulting to horizontal and
                defaulting to vertical

Start/end things:

Ŵ-return: open new terminal
Ŵ-D: open dmenu at top to enter a command (output invisible,
     use to start new graphical programs)
Ŵ-S-q       kill window

Control I3:

Ŵ-S-c       reload I3 config
Ŵ-S-r       restart I3
Ŵ-S-e       kill I3 (logout)


Ŵ-mouse2-drag  stretch or shrink window

Screen capture:

<Printscreen> - capture whole screen
Shift-<Printscreen> - select a rectangle or window (?)
Control-<Printscreen> - capture currently focused window