Org mode (Emacs)ΒΆ See also

Binding Operation
M-S-Ret Add another item at same level
C-c C-t Change TODO state
C-c / t Show only uncompleted todos
C-c C-a n View schedule and unscheduled tasks
b Move backward (previous day)
f Move forward (next day)
C-c C-s Schedule a task (set a date and optional time to do it)
C-u C-c C-s Unschedule a task (remove schedule date/time)

Keys outside org-mode:

Key     What
C-c g   my gtd file
C-c c t   Create task
C-c a X     Agenda view X

C-c l      org-store-link
C-c c      org-capture
C-c b      org-iswitchb (?)

Keys in org-mode file:

C-c C-x p   org-set-property
M-Return    org-meta-return - start new line with new heading at same level
M-S-right arrow  move current heading one deeper

C-c C-s     schedule task
C-c C-d     set task deadline
C-c C-q     org-set-tags-command add task tag - USE FOR CONTEXT
C-c / d     org-check-deadlines - spared tree with deadlines that are past-due or soon to be

<TAB>       org-cycle
S-<TAB>     org-global-cycle

Keys in agenda views: